A year ago I decided to create a different offering from the current charm bracelet systems in the market as some of them were expensive. I did some research and found a company that made more affordable charms but were designed to fit a leather bracelet. I purchased a few but wasn’t happy as the overall quality of the bracelet was poor. For example, the thread became loose when the charms were placed on the bracelet.


To solve this problem I decided to use silicone but then other issues came along.
How to connect the clasp to the silicone straps as silicone doesn’t attach to anything?


As I just couldn't find what I needed I began to work on designing my own clasp to connect to the silicone straps. Before I knew it I had my own customisable bracelet system!


This concept is now patent pending and I am so excited to share it with you. I am absolutely obsessed with the concept of customisable jewellery and my line reflects that in every way. With my pieces you will be able to create your own bracelet designs, play with different colours, clasps and charms to create your own unique style. I hope you enjoy making up your charm bracelets and please don't forget to get social with your feedback.

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 The concept summarised in a pretty pic



The clasps have also been designed to magnetically attract to each other enabling stacking of the bracelets
 Some examples of what you can create

Fancy some snakes on a plane?